The Popular Fancomic Website is Back!

Yes, it's true and no you're not dreaming - SonicVerse Team is BACK! It's been over 10 years since SVT was first launched and many of you may not even remember us when we first hit the web. 

SonicVerse Team was founded in 1999 by yours truly, SA, as a website for fan artists to get together and display their Sonic related fan comics for the world to see. Many great artists collaborated together and many also came from here as the starting point of their art career. 

SonicVerse Team and SA both have won multiple awards from the highly acclaimed Sonic Site Awards, previously hosted by The Sonic Stadium. These awards recognized the contribution we've made to the fan community over the years. 

We also had an annual show of our own known as Sonic Comic Con or SVTcc. This event saw many new comic ideas that was realized and brought to the fandom from great and talented artists. The convention featured an award series and each participant had a custom booth, complete with "booth babe" to help them stand out.

In 2004, I decided to take my leave as president and gave it to my team to manage. It had a great run but it was clear that over time this site began to die down. 

Well, being that I owe a lot to SonicVerse Team as being my first official legacy in the internet world; I have decided to blow the dust off this long forgotten website and see if I can bring some new life. 

So what can you expect from the brand new SVT? 

SonicVerse Team was all about one thing... FAN COMICS. There were the "official" SVT labeled comics that often came from internal staff or from affiliates we personally promoted and fan comics that came from everyday fans who submitted their work to be displayed alongside the others.

We took the time to cater to everyone though. We promoted every fan comic throughout our website and it drew in a lot of loyal readers and artists alike. We pulled in literally millions of viewers to our website over the years and now it's time to bring that back! 

With this new SVT, we are bringing back the focus to what made SVT so great from its inception in 1999 and the early 2000's. We're all about Sonic Fan Comics and now the process will be much easier! 

So it is with gladness that I say, we are BACK; Whether it's to fulfill that nostalgia you have from us or if you're new to the game, we are here to show you what SVT is all about! 

It's good to be back.