About SonicVerse Team.NET...

Well, I myself have been away for about 10 years now and I can't tell you how honored I am to have had the team continue the legacy of SonicVerse Team for so long... Obviously, after years and years have passed, stuff happens and life priorities change - especially for a non-profitable website like this one. 

So, when I left back in 2004, I left it in the hands of my trusty right hand, Rocky Raccoon. He was by far the best candidate and took my mantel as President over this site as seriously as I did. In my stead, he continued all SVT functions and events, and I watched for a while on the side lines with pride. 

 Once Rocky was ready to step down, he handed it off to Ron Prower, another strong leader who continued the legacy of SVT. By this time, the fan community was changing and Ron had to become the innovator to help SVT evolve and stay up with the high demand. His aim was to pull in newer fancomics since that itself is what SVT is all about. 


At some point, Ron stepped down too. By this time, attention toward SVT had already begun to fade. Our visitor count had dropped dramatically. Still, one more was willing to take on the role of controlling SVT.... SA Tails.

Now, as I said before, I am beyond honored that anyone would continue to run SVT as if it was their own. I remember many years working hard to get newer comics online, building newer relationships with people to partner with, etc and it surely wasn't an easy job... 

I had to wear many hats... a PR hat to get people excited... a manager hat to motivate and take action within the staff... a programmer hat when one of my staff or myself screwed up some website coding lol... 

So for anyone, let alone THREE individuals take my role is nothing short of amazing and I am so thrilled by that. 

Now, as for SonicVerse Team.Net...

This alternate web address was created a few years ago when the original SonicVerse Team.Com had expired and was bought out by one of those domain name companies. Thankfully, a loyal fan helped to restore the domain to us and we continued SVT.com but rightfully so, the staff was scrambling to get the site back online and thus, SVT.net was created to ensure everything was back to order immediately. 

SVT.net is where all our files reside and at this moment, I like to consider it an archive site for everything SVT once was... I'm hoping the new SVT.com that you see here will be the refresh we need to get things going for us again. 

For example:

  • I'm looking to build a new staff for SonicVerse Team 
  • I'm looking to bring on some brand new Sonic fan comics to this site 
  • New fan art 
  • New fanfiction 
  • New Role Play action 
  • And possibly... a new Sonic Comic Con!!!

So hang with me while I get things back in order. In the meantime, please update your bookmarks and make sure you visit SonicVerseTeam.COM from now on. As for .NET, you're welcome to visit it and show SA Tails your continued support. We'll be migrating as much of the comics over here as possible over the next few weeks.