Looking For A NEW Team!

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out one of the hardest parts of keeping a website alive is the people that visit it. SVT for years has been the place for Sonic fan comics until its eventual down spiral in recent years. 

One of the main reasons I left SonicVerse Team was to pursue other dreams which are still current. However, I wanted to revitalize this website so I created a brand new look and I have every intention of bringing SVT back to its glory days. 

Problem is, no man is an island. I can't do it by myself, which you can obviously tell. I did a lot to bring us a fresh new look, but I am currently juggling all my personal and professional responsibilities on top of trying to bring SVT back to life, which when placed on my list of priorities, falls to a 'hobby'. It's one I love dearly mind you. 

SO, with that in mind...

...I'm looking for a team. I need some self starters; people who know about websites, have a love for Sonic the Hedgehog and are willing to do things without being told or taught - just take some simple direction and run with it. 

Are you that person? If you are, simply comment below and let me know! We'll connect and see what we can do about bringing a brand new face to the SonicVerse Team!