The expression goes, there's no "I" in Team... but there is a "SVT" in "SonicVerse Team" and so please take a moment to acknowledge the constant efforts of our volunteer staff.

Core Team: 

 Sonic Adventurer (SA) Founder
 SA originally founded SonicVerse Team back in 1999 and left in 2004 to pursue other interests. Now in 2014, SA has returned to bring SVT to a new generation!

Past Team: 

 Dack Attac Co-Founder


 Rocky Raccoon Former President


 Ron Prower Former President


 SA Tails Former President


 Solar Tails Former Vice-President


Ian Flynn / Potto Writer For Other-M


Matt Lenz Writer For Shadow The Comic


Tarik El Comic Artist


 Cinos Game Developer


 Olecea Larkfox Fanfic / Script Writer


 Stiv Thermal Graphic Artist


 Seggi Hedgehog Moderator


 Sonic FanaticModerator


 Interested in joining the team? Contact us.